The program can be used by coin collectors to store their data
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COIN ORGANIZER DELUXE 2.9 is a shareware program developed by Kerosoft. There is a fully functional trial version we can download from the developer's website and evaluate free of charge for a 30-day period. This software provides an useful toolbox set for coins dealers, collectors, private or public institutions, etc. Its easy-to-use interface helps us to create coin collection databases, reports, inventories. From the main window, we can manage, search, organise, maintain, update, made backup and keep full track of our coins, their values and any other related data. The database templates helps us to quickly and easily catalog our collection by periods, from ancient and medieval to modern. Alternatively, we can create our own templates to suit our needs. We can use several wizards to make labels, print colourful documents with or without images/graphics, create HTML documents, organise contacts, create dictionary, and many more. There is a browser to search for coins of the Web. It runs under Windows 95/ 98/ ME/ 2000/ 2003/ NT/ XP, and Vista operating systems.

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  • An excellent software to manage our coin collections


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